I was born on the 9th Dec 1968 at 20 to 11 at night in Cape Town. I am a Sagittarius with my Moon in Leo as well as my Ascendant. Now, to most people that means nothing, but if you know just a little bit about Astrology, that will give you a whole lot of information about my character.

I have had an interest is the stars and their meaning for as long as I can remember. My relationship with Astrology however, started when I was about 10 years old, but only had the opportunity to formally study it in my adult years.

I have been practicing as an Astrologer for the past 10 years and it has enriched my life immensely. I studied with leading South African astrologer Rod Suskin and currently tutor some of his students as well as teach my own foundation course.

Astrology is a wonderful tool for understanding ourselves, our loved ones and the people we interact with in life. It helps us grow and gives wisdom, clarity and acceptance.

Astrology helps us understand the cycles of our life and the unfolding of the promise in our birth chart.

It helps us by giving us insight into the times of change in our lives, and ensures that we can therefore benefit from certain periods in our life. It also gives us a deeper understanding of the challenging times and how to work through them.

We can also use Astrology to describe our relationships and with that understanding making more informed choices.

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