To most people Astrology is reading the horoscope column in the local magazine or news paper, a little light entertainment.

However, there is much more to Astrology than that. The origin of Astrology dates back to approximately 4000 yrs BC in ancient Babylon, it has a long and rich history and is an important part of our culture that we have unfortunately forgotten or choose to ignore.

However it is still successfully used by vast numbers of people today.

Real Astrology is very different to the popular culture Astrology that we read in magazines. It can and is used alongside counselling, is associated with psychotherapy and provides a guide to our character. But there are many more uses for Astrology (refer to ‘Readings’ page).

Real Astrology does not just consider one’s Sun sign (the sign that the Sun is in at the time of year that one is born) also known as the Zodiac sign, but a chart is drawn up for the moment and place of one’s birth and all the elements and positions of the planets are considered to give one insight into one’s character, temperament and manner as well as the potential of one’s life and the unfolding thereof. The Ascendant (this is the sign on the horizon at the time of one’s birth), the Moon and The Sun in a persons chart all carry equal weight when judging the character, that is why 2 people can be born on the same day and yet be very different.

The “discovery” of this goes back the ancient Babylon, where people first began to observe that the movements of the bodies in the sky were related to the seasons. Their need to plan harvests and predict the weather led them to make more detailed observations. Over time, more sophisticated observations enabled the great Astrologers to develop systems and methods of deeper understanding and correlations between these heavenly bodies and our lives here on earth. Hence the phrase “As Above, So Below”

So, Astrology is the interpretation of the heavens relating to our personal lives. It is seen by Astrologers as one of the sacred languages of God. And is a gift given to us to use wisely.

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